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Order for Pumps 

The company from:Russia

Created:18 May 2017  11:00

Buyer:Гурей ***

Phone:To reveal

E-mail:contact data

it is necessary pay

The request from the buyer:

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Subject: Order for Pumps
*contact data*

Interests goods "Pumps". Contact me for specification of cost, opportunities of delivery, payment and other conditions.

Order for Pumps

Интересует товар "Насосы". Свяжитесь со мной для уточнения стоимости, возможностей доставки, оплаты и других условий.

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26 May 2017  16:00

I am interested in product "V-6 Submersible Pumps". Please contact me to specify the price, delivery options, terms of payment and other conditions.
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26 May 2017  11:00
Subject: Order for the Horizontal centrifugal pumps Dickow
*contact data*

The goods "The horizontal centrifugal pumps Dickow" HZS-1034 PB07185660 are necessary

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26 May 2017  10:47
"UVD.10.101 Case" is necessary goods. Send, please, the offer on E-mail or call back on my phone number.
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26 May 2017  09:00
Subject: I ask to report the urgent price of the Household pump Streamlet
*contact data*

I ask to report the urgent price of the Household pump Streamlet

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