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Order for Bran wheat 

The company from:Ukraine

Created:15 May 2017  17:00

Buyer:Чиж Ол***

Phone:To reveal

E-mail:contact data

it is necessary pay

The request from the buyer:

Automatic translation

Subject: Order for Bran wheat
*contact data*

Interests me "Bran wheat". Contact me for specification of details.

Order for Bran wheat

Меня интересует "Отруби пшеничные". Свяжитесь со мной для уточнения деталей.

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19 May 2017  13:00
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The goods "Bran" with characteristics are necessary:

Country producer: Ukraine

Send, please, the offer on...
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"Rice, grade of Marjane" with characteristics is necessary goods:

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