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The order on Wheat for export 

The company from:Kazakhstan

Created:5 Jan 2017  13:00


Phone:To reveal

E-mail:contact data

it is necessary pay

The request from the buyer:

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The order on Wheat for export

Производим закуп пшеницы 3 и 4 классов.
Просим выслать коммерческое предложение по цене и количеству.
Сколько тонн вы можете обеспечить отгрузку в месяц.
Заключаете ли Вы Агентский договор, если да, то каково вознаграждение ? У меня есть потенциальные покупатели пшеницы.

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12 Feb 2017  16:12
The goods "Пшеница, wheat grain wholesale on экспорт" are necessary;. Send, please, the offer on E-mail or call back on my phone number.
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4 Feb 2017  11:00
Subject: Inquiry on Grain, grain crops
*contact data*

Hello! I am interested in your goods Grain, grain crops. Contact me, please, soon.
In addition specify the actual ...
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1 Feb 2017  12:00
We buy mustard yellow! Konstantinovsky district. Elevator.30000 rubles ton. Viktoriya*contact data*
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30 Jan 2017  14:27
I open collecting komkrchesky offers for export to the People's Republic of China.
The price from the place has to be surely specified.
Goods volume in a month. (the plant has to have q...
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